# BankConnect: Uploading Bank Statements

Uploading bank statements is the first step involved in the BankConnect Integration flow.

Upload Statements

As shown in the diagram there are two ways you can go ahead with this step:

# Using the Client SDK

As in the lower part of the diagram, Users can submit a PDF statement or enter Net Banking credentials in the Client SDK that resides in your Web / Android Application. While initializing this SDK you have to pass link_id, and the Client SDK will talk with the BankConnect Backend. On successful uploading of the statement, your application will get a callback / redirect with an entity_id. Client SDK is available for the following:

# Directly from your server

As visible in the upper part of the diagram, the User submits a PDF statement, which through some journey reaches your server. From there you can make use of BankConnect REST APIs to submit the statement.

After uploading the statement, you'll get the identity information and an entity_id in the response. Identity information includes things like account holder name, account number, time period etc. which can be used for verifying the user or checking if the statement was of the time period you required.

Last Updated: 6/4/2024, 12:54:58 PM