# BankConnect: Overview

FinBox BankConnect allows users to submit their bank account statements in your app, then processes them and shares the enriched data with you.

This guide will help you integrate BankConnect in your application flow.

Watch the video below then head towards the Basics section to understand the basic terms associated with BankConnect.

# Understanding the Integration Flow

The video below gives a brief overview of the BankConnect Integration flow:

# Getting API Keys

BankConnect requires API Keys to initialize the SDK and/or access the REST APIs. There will be separate keys for DEV and PROD environments. APIs for fetching enriched data also require an additional Server Hash.

You can get your keys on FinBox Dashboard (opens new window)

# Sample Projects

We have hosted some sample projects on GitHub. You can find them on the links below:

# Postman Collection

Postman collection and environment for BankConnect REST APIs can be downloaded using the buttons below:

Please replace x-api-key and server-hash in the Postman environment with the API Key and Server Hash provided by FinBox Team.

First call any of the upload statement APIs, and then call APIs to fetch details like transactions, identity, etc.

Last Updated: 6/4/2024, 12:54:58 PM