# Bank Connect: JavaScript Client

This SDK helps users to upload bank statements.

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It includes two methods to upload the file:

  • Using Net Banking: In this method user only need to enter the credentials of Net Banking to upload their bank statement. The server will automatically download and then upload the pdf.


Currently only five banks: HDFC, Axis, SBI, Kotak and ICICI are supported in this method.

  • Uploading Manually: In this method users are required to manually upload the pdf of the bank statement.

Fetching Transactions

The client SDK will give you an entity_id after successful statement upload. This can be used with any of the libraries or REST API to fetch extracted and enriched data like identity, salary, lender, recurring transactions, etc.

# Including the library

You need to to include the FinBox Bank Connect JavaScript client library using the <script> tag in your HTML page.

<script type="text/javascript" 
            finbox-uploadType="<UPLOAD-TYPE>" >

src attribute specifies the URL to the client library js file

finbox-api-key attribute should hold the unique API Key provided

Additional layer of security

FinBox Bank Connect supports an additional layer of security (timestamp and access token based) on request. But is as of now available only for REST APIs. If it is enabled for your organization, this library won't be able to authenticate as it currently supports only the API Key based authentication method.

finbox-uploadType attribute specifies the upload type mode, it can have following three values

  • netbanking: Net Banking input only
  • manual: Manual PDF upload only
  • both: Ask user to choose from Net Banking or Manual PDF upload

finbox-redirect-url attribute specifies the redirect url once either the statment upload is successful or has failed for some reason. The status of the statement upload is updated to client via a webhook which contains reason of failure or success payload

Period Values

Please make sure from date is always less than to date.

# Showing Upload Screen

Add the <div> tag below with the id as finbox-bsm-root to show the upload screen.

<!-- This div will be replaced by the bank connect sdk -->
<div id="finbox-bsm-root"></div> 

# Setting Period in Runtime

For netbanking statement upload a date range is needed to fetch the statemens. By default the SDK fetches data for last 6 months. In order to define custom date range a function called getFinboxDatePeriod() needs to be defined. The SDK will look for a function with this name, and expect a function as follows (in this example it sets period for last 5 months):

function getFinboxDatePeriod() {
  var today = new Date();
  var dates = {
    to: {},
    from: {}
  dates['to'].dd = String(today.getDate() - 1).padStart(2, 0);
  dates['to'].mm = String(today.getMonth() + 1).padStart(2, 0);
  dates['to'].yyyy = today.getFullYear();
  dates['from'].dd = dates['to'].dd;

  var period = 5;   // change this value to period you want in months
  if (today.getMonth() < period) {
    dates['from'].yyyy = today.getFullYear() - 1;
    dates['from'].mm = String(12 + today.getMonth() - period + 1).padStart(2, 0);
  else {
    dates['from'].yyyy = today.getFullYear();
    dates['from'].mm = String(today.getMonth() - period + 1);
  var from = dates['from'].dd + '/' + dates['from'].mm + '/' + dates['from'].yyyy;
  var to = dates['to'].dd + '/' + dates['to'].mm + '/' + dates['to'].yyyy;
  return { from, to };

Period Values

Please make sure from date is always less than to date.

# Callback

All callbacks are given to the client via a webhook which specifies the reason for failure or success.

Last Updated: 3/16/2020, 12:59:06 PM