# BankConnect: Fraud

There are some frauds which are detected at the first step when the statement file is successfully uploaded, these are called Metadata frauds and are returned as a response to upload API.

Examples of a metadata fraud_type is author_fraud, which indicates that author of the document is not a trusted source for this bank statement.

Other fraud checks require analysis over the extracted transactions and are hence available (along with the Metadata frauds) in the fraud_type array in fraud field in all transaction APIs.

There is usually a field fraud_type that indicates the fraud type. The list of possible fraud_type values can be acquired on request from the FinBox team.


A general rule of thumb would be that the fraud_type is usually in a string format with all lower case and words separated by an underscore (_). So a fraud type term can be formed by simple string manipulation of replacing underscore with spaces and making the first character capital in each word then. Example: some_fraud_type can become Some Fraud Type.

fraud_category indicates the category of fraud. metadata is the category for Metadata frauds. Other fraud categories can be acquired on request from the FinBox team.

Last Updated: 5/29/2023, 1:52:12 PM