# DeviceConnect: React Native

The React Native package can be used to integrate mobile apps with DeviceConnect so that users can share their data.


Following will be shared by FinBox team at the time of integration:


# Setting up the bridge

  1. Install the React SDK from the npm package:
    yarn add react-native-risk-sdk
  2. Now to auto link this native module to your app, run following command:
    react-native link
  3. Once the linking is done you need to open Android Studio and add a maven repository url in your project level build.gradle file
    maven {  
        url "s3://risk-manager-android-sdk/artifacts"  
        credentials(AwsCredentials) {  
            accessKey = "<ACCESS_KEY>"
            secretKey = "<SECRET_KEY>"  
  4. Specify the following in local.properties file:
  5. Final change required is in the MainApplication class of your native app.
    protected List<ReactPackage> getPackages() {
        return Arrays.<ReactPackage>asList(
            new RiskSdkPackage(),

# Create User Method

Call createUser method using the FinBoxRiskSdk instance to create the user (first time) or check the API credentials for the SDK. It takes CUSTOMER_ID as one of its arguments which is a unique identifier for a user.


Please make sure CUSTOMER_ID is not more than 64 characters and is alphanumeric (with no special characters). Also it should never null or a blank string "".

The response to this method (success or failure) can be captured using the callback, and on success Start Periodic Sync Method should be called.

import FinBoxRiskSdk from 'react-native-risk-sdk';
//Function to trigger RiskSdk
const callModule = () => {
        (errorStatus) => {
	    // Error Callback
            console.log("Error status -> ", errorStatus)
        (msg) => {
            // Success Callback, Call the periodic sync once the user has been created
	    console.log("Final message", msg)
	    FinBoxRiskSdk.startPeriodicSync(12) //Start the sync periodically after every 12 hour

You can read about the error codes in this section.

# Start Periodic Sync Method

This is to be called only on a successful response to createUser method's callback. On calling this the syncs will start for all the data sources configured as per permissions. The method below syncs data in the background at regular intervals:

FinBoxRiskSdk.startPeriodicSync(12) //Start the sync periodically after every 12 hour

Handle Sync Frequency

startPeriodicSync takes one argument which indicates the frequency of sync in hours.

# Cancel Periodic Syncing

If you have already set up the sync for the user data, you can cancel it any time by the following code:


# Reset User Data

In case the user data needs to be removed to re-sync the entire data, use the method resetData.

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