# DeviceConnect: Integration Flow

Once FinBox DeviceConnect SDK is initialized, data from the device is sent to the FinBox processing engine against an anonymous CUSTOMER_ID which will be the primary key from retrieving any information from the server.

Clients need to call the Insights API with CUSTOMER_ID to trigger the predictor calculation for a given customer. In case Insights API returns with status "in_progress" (meaning data is currently being processed), the client should poll the Insights API with a delay of at least 10 seconds

An overview of the API calling is shown below

Device Connect Backed Integration Workflow
  1. Call Insights API. If the response status is "in_progress", a callback is registered.
  2. Wait for the callback to receive Insights API Response.


The response status will be "complete" instead of "in_progress" if the results are already computed and returned through callback in the last 15 mins.

Incase we have the request_id and we can fetch the Pre-Computed results.

Last Updated: 10/17/2021, 1:34:02 PM