# DeviceConnect: Integration Flow

Once FinBox DeviceConnect SDK is initialized, data from the device is sent to the FinBox processing engine against an anonymous CUSTOMER_ID which will be the primary key from retrieving any information from the server.

Clients need to call the Insights API with CUSTOMER_ID to trigger the predictor calculation for a given customer. In case Insights API returns with status "in_progress" (meaning data is currently being processed), the client should poll the Insights API with a delay of at least 10 seconds

An overview of the API calling is shown below

Device Connect Backed Integration Workflow
  1. Call Insights API. We will start processing the results and return response status as "in_progress".
  2. Hit the API every 10 seconds for a maximum of 120 seconds.
  3. Once the results are computed, we will return the status as "complete" with predictors Insights API Response.
Last Updated: 5/29/2023, 1:52:12 PM