# DeviceConnect: Integration Flow

Integration flow in the mobile app should be as follows

Device Connect Android Integration Workflow

# Step 1: Requesting Runtime Permissions

It is required to show what all permissions you will be needing from users in your app, and then ask them for the permissions. Please refer Handle Permissions section to get the list of permissions the SDK needs. Also in case you want to exclude certain permissions, you can use node marker value remove as mentioned in the same article.

# Step 2: Creating the User

After requesting, the createUser method can be called specifying a CUSTOMER_ID (Refer to Create User section for sample code and response), which represents a unique identifier for the user.


  • It is recommended that CUSTOMER_ID is a masked value not a unique personal identifier like a phone number or email id so that the user remains anonymous to FinBox.
  • SDK will automatically consider syncing based on whether permission was granted by the user or not and what was configured, hence the createUser method must be called even though the user denies certain permissions.

createUser in general acts as a check for API credentials. For the first time when the user doesn't exists, it will create a user on the FinBox side. The next step will work only if this function returns a success response.

# Step 3: Start Syncing Data

If the createUser response is successful, you can call startPeriodicSync function (Refer Start Periodic Sync section) which will sync data in period intervals in background.


  • The recommended approach is to call createUser (and then startPeriodicSync on success) method every time user accesses the app, so that the background sync process remains in check.
  • In certain cases, the FinBox server often communicates with SDK directly, to make sure this works it is required to forward Notifications to SDK. Refer Forward Notifications to SDK section for it.
  • In the case of a multi-process application, it is required to initialize the SDK manually before calling the createUser method. Refer Multi-Process Support section for such cases.
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